Press Release

4 years form the Sampling Dictionary.
A collaboration album of the ful-fill RECORDING and the Obscure Edits is now ready to release.

We ful-fill RECORDING announce a release of a new album “Obscure Edits Sampler Vol.1” collaborated with the Obscure Edits.

“ReEDIT” as the word “Dig”.

This project has started by meeting a Obscure Edits, well versed in re-edited music, introduced by a vinyl dealer in the USA when we visited there to buy vinyls for our online record store BBQ Records.
As we continued to have serious conversation on SNS and Cloud, we heated up to do a new project and then we finally completed this album.

ful-fill RECORDING had been collecting vinyls, called “Digging”, and we spent a lot of years and energy to  pursue the sampling music.
On the other hand, the Obscure Edits focused on ReEDIT music, which is the edit technique of changing the length and the number of looping of intro or hook, and sometimes change the BPM of the songs.

We must, of course, be in love with the original songs and must understand the detail of the songs. Editng the songs required a real sense to find edit points. We were strongly amazed by the Obscure Edits`s performance.

We realized the most important theme to edit the music. They are editing to make the listeners to enjoy the differences between the original song and the edited song, therefore, the listeners can again realize the quality of the original song.This is very close to “Digging” as we call.
There is a word in Japanese “On-ko-chi-sin”. It means that we need to learn history’s lessons  to learn sense, reason and knowledge. Now I realized  the Obscure Edits knows and understand well about this Japanese word.

We would like send this record for ReEDIT beginner to professions, especially, for who focused to much on hunting “Crates”.

<Atsushi Kaneoka>
Atsushi Kaneoka manages the ful-fill RECORDING and an online record shop BBQ Records.
He sells the number of vinyls which he brought from overseas, products of the ful-fill RECORDING (Mix CDs, books, imported products etc.) and original Slip mat, record shelf, original products, and more related products.

With our slogan “DIG’EM ALL”, ful-fill RECORDING is aiming to become an organization which can tell charm of “Sampling Music” being composed of “cut & paste”.

ful-fill RECORDING was found in 2004 as a production to release MIX CDs instead of business card. It was just a crew of DJs before ful-fill RECORDING being found. It was just a nameless crew of DJs.

Atsushi Kaneoka, having beem collecting vinyks from his boyhood, started an online record shop BBQ Records in 2007.

“The Sampling Dictionary 2008” and an opposite version “The Re:Sampling Dictionary 2008” was publishd in 2008 with accumulated knowledge of sampling sauce of the members in FFR.

It is limited only for selling in the record shops in Japan but have sold more than 10,000 copies.

We have friendship with vinyl collectors in the overseas and distributed a vinyl disc guide “The Rap Records 2nd Edition”, published by Freddy Fresh, in Japan. From this distributing, we could bring a next collaboration project “The Rap Records Master Mix” include 3 mix CDs to realization in 2009.

We keep groping how we could be with music not only for longing for the good old days but also new future.